Saturday, 17 October 2009

Doodles and a invitation.

Hello everyone, and and big hello to all new friends! Thank you so much for taking a peek at my drawings! Let me know what you think, honest as you like! I found these doodles in some notebooks I had found in my quest for cleaning, therefore I am living in filth as I went on a scavenger hunt for drawings. But found them I did!
I drew this with big fella in mind, because he is a Pisces and he loves Burger king. (OK, he is the king too, I will give him that.) I finished the drawing, pleasantly surprised with it actually, and then ruined it all by not being able to spell Piesces, Pisces correctly. (It gets me every time!)

I love the idea of a another world community living in the woods with beautifully crafted caravans and everyone dancing and singing around fires, and the ladies weaving incantations, and gazing into Crystal balls their eye lashes flowing gold dust into the ball.

I drawing was me watching Hocus Pocus one Halloween night. Sorry about the too big boobs, I blame Baywatch. I watched it religiously from aged 10 -12 years of age every Saturday afternoon, I even got a lifeguard qualification, I loved it that much.

I watched a old episode recently as a trip down memory lane, and was appalled. I was warped. I am also the worst person to be around when somebody needs help. No use whatsoever.

Butterfly in my hand
I drew this using pastels. I have to be honest, i normally do not use them that often. I use them like crayons and am afraid comments will pop up like "Aww, so cute you put your child's drawing up!"
But I do like some bright block colours once in a while.

That's all for now, I must go clean this place, I can not type any more for sneezing with the dust!

PS: You are invited to a party over at my other blog, clairedulalune loads of people are holding one, go on, it is a Saturday! Go fly over there if you get the chance! Enjoy yourself and goodbye e for now!

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  1. I like the drawings... it is always fun when you find things you have done earlier...