Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Mermaisy River Map

I drew this map for my Mabon Adventure on my other blog clairedulalune. This map is as close to the actual directions as I could manage.I went to Clark Gardens and Allerton Towers in Liverpool. I got the titles of the places from the actual park itself. The wood is called the young wood as it was only recently planted in 1980 so there is a far few years ahead for the trees!
The hobbit house is actually a disused electrical box covered in ivy at the start of the path and after that were berry trees lacing the path so that is where the title Berry Way came from.

As we walked further along the path, a lots of trees were black and had no leaves and bent towards the path like willow. So that's where the title came from that one.
Perception Alley is actually Woolton Road in Liverpool as you have to cross this road to get to Allerton Towers.

By Allerton Towers is a garden with an archway and through that is a Rose garden plot encircled with a hedge. This is where the fairy archway and Rose butterfly green allotment was made up from.

To age the map for my story, I first photographed my drawing on white paper an then gradually stained it with tea. For the final map I steeped the map in a mixture of tea and coffee over night to give it that really tattered effect.

To see pictures of all the places on the map please go over to my other blog clairedulalune to see the whole adventure!

I hope you like it!


  1. Claire, this is so cool! I love the map and your adventures there. I really like how you stained it, it looks centuries old!

    michelle :)

  2. That is great and I love the story that goes with it

  3. I loved this post!. My little son loves drawing maps and aging them with tea too! :o)