Monday, 31 August 2009

Pirates Cove?

I enjoyed drawing this as I have never used pirates in a theme before, but they seem to go hand in hand with mermaids! I dont like the title of this picture. Any ideas? I just can not think!

Melancholy Mermaid

the shells (boobs again!) are slighty askew. Unfinished work pile!

Drawing down the moon

Boobs reminds me of Pamela Anderson. I think that is why it is the unfinished work pile!

The Siren

This is one of my favourites. I have started using lines as well as dots to add to the picture. (I am not good with shadowing yet!)

The mermaid witch

She is the queen of the deep underworld.

Dancing in the moonlight

I love big waves in the sea and so does this mermaid!

Watching the sunset

The mermaid is in the far left corner, but i think i made the sun a wee bit too big!

Catching some rays

Even a mermaid needs a day off!

The envious mermaid.

I used this drawing to tell the mermaids side of the story, if you like. She wanted some feet! I don't like the word jealous, must be a saddening trait to process.

Star gazing

I used a black ink pen and used dots to create this drawing. I find dots don't make it look so bad when i draw it in pencil first!

Sunday, 30 August 2009


Hello everyone, this is my drawing blog.
I love to draw all things magical.
I am starting this blog to motivate me into drawing that wee bit more.
Lets see how it goes................................................................................