Sunday, 8 November 2009

Jack Frost and a Life's Compass

Hello everyone, I began drawing last night with no particular thought in mind. I did however, want something detailed.

I started off with a large circle within three circles, the middle one being the focal point.

I put a sun and moon in the smaller circles, with putting in the world or map in the larger circle, making it like a circle of the universe or what the end I put a compass there. I love compasses!

Life's Compass.
To celebrate winter I thought of drawing a celebration of Jack Frost and how he comes in the middle of the night and blows coldness over roof tops and trees!
Hope you like them! Any thoughts?


  1. Oh my! You are soooo talented!! I love everything on the page, but the last drawing is makes me think of the sun raising at night. Mmmm, what a miracle ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. both are wonderful, the first one I love!